Monday, July 28, 2008

Hi Guys!

Hi Internets!! I sure have missed you guys, but the trip was great. I am a little bit rested, but have some big things going on today... so the run down on the trip will have to wait until tomorrow.

I got a call when I got into Knoxville from the college people and they want me to come in for a face to face interview tomorrow morning - and I have to give a 15 minute presentation about things are really out of my league, but I'm going to pray that God gives me the knowledge and strength to get through it. The presentation and interview are tomorrow at 10 AM, so at least if I can keep my exhaustion at bay for today and tomorrow morning - I'll get plenty of sleep for the next several days.

You guys - I've got so much to tell you, but I've got to get to work too - so I'm going to keep this short, and maybe I'll come back and write more if I get the presentation done before bedtime. In the mean time - I want to ask you all to pray for a small list of things...
  1. My surgery to go well, and for my doctors & nurses to be rested and prepared for anything that might come up on Wednesday
  2. My sisters, they are both dealing with some bigger financial problems than I am right now - and I know that they both could use some divine intervention to get them through these tough times. My sister Cindy and her family especially as their problems are fairly large and complicated, but my sister Cathi and her family need some help with getting a more steady income as well.
  3. For me to get through the upcoming interviews and to find a job where God wants me to be right now, and also for our friend Robby who has also been laid off and is looking for a position as well.

Alright guys, for now I'm off to write a curriculum plan, marketing plan, and target audience presentation for the continuing education department of a local community college... and I honestly have to start by learning exactly what continuing education means to them... (anyone have any advice or helpful hints... please send them my way!!)

Until later... I miss you guys, and have 62 blog posts to read, and I can't wait to catch up - but it might be tomorrow before I get to it all. I promise you'll have pictures and stories from the mountains by tomorrow evening!!


  1. Hey Kim - glad you made it back safe and sound! Sending some prayers your way! :)

  2. Wow, Kim... lots going on in your world... welcome back!!

    I may be able to help with the continuing education thing since I'm in higher ed too. I'd used the buzzwords "non-traditional students" and "part-time status" to talk about continuing ed. It's also important for continuing ed programs to be flexible, affordable, and to have lots of academic support for struggling students. Just some hot topics to get the ball rolling! You'll do great!!

  3. Welcome home, Kim! Prayes? You got 'em!

  4. Glad to have you back Kim! Good luck on your interview!!! I'm so excited for you :)



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