Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their day - doing whatever it is that makes you happy. We've spent the day hanging around the house with family... John's parents, sister, and Brooklyn were here with us to celebrate.

We cooked out, and enjoyed a lovely meal together... Brooklyn enjoyed Aunt Kim's potato salad! (or the few little bites that she got anyway) We had a lovely afternoon of hanging out and just chatting... lots of stories about John and Susan's childhood, and a few other things were discussed.

Susan wants to get organized, purge some things that she no longer needs, and a few other things this week - so I'll probably drive up there (an hour away) to help her. We're planning on taking some pictures of the kids as well... because she'd like to do some redecorating with black and white photos... and with my small (not as extensive as Lacy by any means) experience with photography - I'm going to take the photos for her. We'll see what happens... because I told her to make a list, and as she was leaving - there was a flurry of questions about a million different things we could work on... wedding stuff... kid photos... selling things on Ebay... cleaning her house... probably several other things that I can't even remember now. I might as well go spend a few days up there!

The only bad news of the day is that my Mom's mother fell while they were up visiting their home in New Mexico (they regularly live in West Texas, but have a vacation home there) and broke her left shoulder. It sounds like it was a pretty bad fall, but she's going to be heading home tomorrow to Texas - so I'll be praying for her to have as easy of a drive home (5 hours) as possible, and for her recovery to be quick, and as painless as possible. She's had a rough couple of years, and just when she starts getting healthy - something else happens... it's really sad, and I pray that she'll get some relief from this constant health roller coaster soon. I love you Meme!

We're listening to a lot of booms and bangs right now, and I find that both of my furry babies are right here either in my lap or at my feet... poor things - I wonder what they must think is going on! This is one of the two worst nights to live outside of the city limits... but I do have to say that they started early, and hopefully will be finished burning up their money (yes I'm a party pooper - because I'd never spend the hundreds of dollars that people do just to light it on fire) early as well.


  1. our fireworks were a total let down. It had been raining and we thought they'd reschedule them but they didn't. So, due to everything being wet, they didn't start till 10:30 and due to the moisture in the air, most of them were hidden behind the smoke of the ones before them! Insane and such a waste of money!

    I'll be praying for your grandma! Hope she has a safe trip! And when you are done organizing Suzanne (it was Suzanne, right?)would you please come here and give me a hand?

  2. that's what's glorious about photography....we can all do it, and we can all be good!

    good luck with it, love!


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