Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Day Is It?

I'm starting to lose track of my days - with John being home on vacation - it's all run together. We both have had our share of waking up and thinking that it's Sunday... it's pretty funny. He ended up staying up most of the night last night - so I let him sleep in as late as I could. He got engrossed in some late night movies and ended up falling asleep on the couch... Missy didn't mind though because that meant that she got 75% of the bed to herself last night. For a 18 pound dog... she sure manages to take her share and then some when she gets in the bed.

I got up with the dogs this morning to let them out, and did some reading until I fell back asleep myself... but we were all up and moving by 10 - I guess we needed the sleep. We then made our weekly trip to Wal-Mart for groceries, and our poor check out girl... it was her first day, and of course she gets us in her line - with all our price matches. It must have taken her forever to get us checked out, but again - John left really proud of himself. I don't think the savings were as good as last week, but were still significant. I've been told that next week we shouldn't need much at all - but I think we'll need laudry supplies - so it'll be a good off set on the costs... (ok, enough of the boring grocery information)

When we got home - I made some blackberry jam for my mother-in-law. John was showing her the strawberry jam that I made yesterday morning, and she mentioned how when she was younger someone in her family would make homemade blackberry jam and she just loved it. So I thought that since we'll be up there visiting them next weekend if not sooner - that I'd surprise her with a little something special. I hope she likes it... I know I've had fun being so domestic!

We bought the movie Vantage Point today as well, but I don't know that we're going to actually watch it today. We might not watch it tomorrow either - it just depends on what happens with our small group from church. They asked us to host the meeting tomorrow night if we have enough of our members here this weekend, so we'll find out in the morning what our plan is for the day... it might be watching movies and letting John enjoy his last day of vacation OR it might be cleaning and getting ready for small group. Either way - we'll be happy and blessed.

On the health front... I am doing better.

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  1. oooh, Vantage Point was playing in the cardio theater at the gym Monday morning... it was good!!

    Mmmm... blackberry jam sounds delish.


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