Sunday, July 6, 2008

Toddler Time

I started my first teaching rotation at church this morning - I'm in with the toddlers this month, and then again in November. We do a month on and three months off with our scheduling so I think it will be fun. We only had two little girls today - so it was a nice slow start to my month, but it was a fun morning.

We also had some fun today because our Worship Pastor proposed to his girlfriend on the 4th, and they announced their engagement at church today. I didn't get to hear the announcement in the service because I was with the kiddos, but she was working with the babies next to me - so we got to chat while the kids were playing. They make a really cute couple, and we wish them all the best. I know they'll be very happy together!

Other than that - I think that we'll definitely be making a call to do the doctor tomorrow to set up some testing on this old gallbladder. I haven't eaten that bad today, but my entire stomach is tight and I'm just generally not right. My concern now is that if it is going bad (which I do agree with my other WLS girls - is just a matter of time) I need for this to happen when it won't interfere with the job situation! I know - wishful thinking, but now would be better rather than a couple of months from now.

I believe that my doctor will want me to have a HIDA scan, and then we'll see what's happening in there. I can't pin it down to one certain type of food - as I know that fried foods set it off, but occasionally so does cheese, butter, ice cream, and anything else I've tried lately.

I kid you not, I just ate a piece of cantaloupe... and even that isn't working out very well... but I don't think that the cantaloupe is the root of the problem - it was bothering me before I ate it, but I wanted a snack... so I tried to find something with no fat... I'm actually terrified to eat anything at this point! Poor John made a killer looking roast for dinner, and I don't think I'll even attempt it... he was going to make fresh green beans for me, but the starter for them is bacon... so I told him to hold off until we get this figured out.

No problems with my kidneys in over a week - so maybe they have worked themselves out? Who knows, but I think we'll check this gallbladder thing out before going on to the urologist. I do think they are separate issues now though because the pain now isn't in the same spot... it's in the front - whereas the kidney pain was in my back... so at least I'm relatively comfortable that my body isn't giving me freak signs of problems in other areas.

We bought the movie Vantage Point yesterday, and watched it this afternoon... it was pretty good! I'm going to have to see it again before I understand everything that happened, but overall it was a good movie. It was only about an hour and a half long - but a really good suspenseful thriller. I've always liked Dennis Quaid's movies, and this one didn't disappoint.

Now he's watching the newest Rocky movie - the one that came out last year. He's been a fan of all the Rocky movies, and wanted to check this one out - so since I feel like crud and don't much care what's on television... I am giving him the opportunity to watch this one. I'll get the chance to repay the favor another day when I make him sit and watch a chick movie - which happens much more often than I end up watching movies like this.

I think that John is sad that he's got to go back to work tomorrow, but I think he's had a nice vacation for the past few days. I know that I've enjoyed having him here...


  1. I sure hope you start feeling better. And good luck with the toddlers. They can be really fun.
    Dan in Real Life is a good movie too, if you haven't seen it.

  2. Toddlers, yay! I like that your church organizes the service-work tha t way. 1 month on, 3 months off sounds like a really smart way to do it!

  3. Ya know, I just had the thought of how awful this would all really be if you were still working in the hell hole! Looks like God definately had a plan!

    Still praying they get you fixed up soon!

  4. The first book I read by Judy Blume was titled Forever. I was in the 7th grade it was the talk of the school. I searched high and low for the book. I found mom bought. However, it didn't stop there - she read it. Want to talk about a red face-and I'm black so imagine how difficult that was! It was quite graphic - especially for a 13 year old girl and her mom. :)


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