Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Lied

Ok, so I didn't get anything written this morning - but I'll fill you in on the last two days...

I got called for an interview tomorrow morning with a fundraising agency in Houston that deals with alcohol and drug addiction. We'll see how that goes in the morning - the office is right across the street from John's office, so if it ended up being my landing place... we'd be able to carpool in the new car together, and I think he's got a couple of other people in mind that could help split up the costs as well.

On the teacher job front - I've sent out tons of emails in the last couple of days for individual positions as well as just general solicitations for consideration when new positions become available. PLEASE GOD - let someone call and want me on their team... because I'm not sure that I honestly want to go back into fundraising.

I called my doctor's office to report in on the fatty food reactions over the past week, and we decided to pursue the gallbladder as a potential problem. I go in on Monday morning for a HIDA scan which takes two hours - they'll inject me with dye and watch what happens over the course of the exam. I'll also have an abdominal ultrasound done that morning as well. Dr. W said that he'd call me when he gets the results and that he'll send me back to my surgeon if we need to remove it.

I still haven't been able to pick up my new car (I'm not just procrastinating on the pictures) as it hasn't arrived at the original dealership yet. It's still on a rail car somewhere in route to that dealership, and then the one we purchased the car from will have to go get it. So we're pretty much just waiting until the car shows up... and I'm ready because I still feel like I shouldn't be out driving since I am in a borrowed car until mine comes in.

I went over and spent the evening with a friend of mine last night. Her daughter is going to have to have a procedure on her eye next week, and she just needed to hang out with someone instead of being alone to think about it all night. (Her husband was at a meeting) Anyway - this poor sweet 18 month old is going to have to be strapped down and have a needle stuck in her tear duct to have some junk removed... and that is the least invasive procedure they could come up with!! My goodness! I just adore this baby and her parents... and feel so horrible for them.

We ate dinner - she made a wonderful dish of chicken with squash, potatoes with a little flax seed mixed in, and watermelon... it was a perfect summer dinner, and I even ate watermelon for like the first time in 15 years - and I think I liked it! After dinner we put the baby to bed... such a sweetie pie, and watched Nashville Star... which was pretty entertaining. Does anyone else watch? Can you believe the two immature 15-16 year old girls that are on there?! I'd absolutely kill my child if they rolled their eyes on national television!

I'm not sure of much else that is going on...I've been taking it easy with the gallbladder issues - I'm pretty much scared to eat anything right now, but I'm managing. It's not that the pain is that bad - it's just that irritating and uncomfortable. Imagine having a dull pain under your ribs and your stomach feeling like it's bloating more than you've ever experienced in your life... after every meal you endure. (and the bloating - it's like I really think that my stomach is going to explode!)

John is off at worship team practice - so I'm going to wrap this up and get a little reading done before he gets home and wants to watch some of our recorded shows. We've recently found the show Bones on TNT and are enjoying watching the old episodes. A very interesting show, but sometimes I have no idea what they're talking about! It's like you need an advanced degree to figure out exactly what they're saying sometimes... but how weird that they can figure out murders based on old bones like that.


  1. Well, I really hope that they find it is the gallbladder and get it out of you! I'm so sorry you have to wait till Monday.

  2. YOU WENT FIFTEEN YEARS WITHOUT WATERMELON? I just fell over and died. :)

    You're such a good friend, hanging out with your girlfriend to help distract her.

    I hope they get this gallbladder thing figured out post-haste!

    And the job... I'm still praying for a teaching position, but working across the street from John might be nice!

    I looooove Bones. She has such a weird, quirky personality. It's such a great show!

  3. *laughs* Poor Meg. she done died.

    I agree, i do hope the bladder issues get cleared up. we need you back in full swing and healthy as a post surgical horse!!!

  4. When I had stones in my gallbladder, all I could eat was baby food now though maybe you could puree your food until they find something. Foods like carrots, even pureed meats over mashed potatoes are pretty good. If you should get your job dealing with addicts, I know you would be good at it, with your christian beliefs, maybe that's what you are meant to do. go where God leads you.
    Good luck on job and illness
    P S Waiting for a new picture of before and after< bet you look great!

  5. Hannah had to have her tear duct cleared out like that. It wasn't fun, b/c she screamed like I've never heard a child scream before---and they had given her a local anesthetic.

    She was wrapped in their special swaddling "blanket" so that the only thing she could move was her head, and the nurses held her head while the doctor did the "unplugging" of her duct. I think she just didn't like being held down like that and it scared her.

    But, when it was over a few minutes later, she was fine. If she had had pain, she would have still been crying. And she was even smiling on the way out the door (with a lollipop in hand, mind you--it's the eye doctor, not the dentist!).

    So, yep, it's hard (harder on mom than baby), but it's over fast and she won't remember anything by the next day. And Hannah's never had a problem since, so it did the job.

    Tell you friend that, as hard as it is to see your baby go through something that's so scary for them, it's only for a moment and she'll get to be the hero that holds and comforts afterwards.


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