Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In a Non-Perfect World

The interview today went great, and I can honestly say that if I wasn't able to teach - this would be the place I would want to work. It would mean going against one of my principal rules, but I think in this case that it's safe... that rule is to never work for a woman outside of school again.

I spent two and a half hours with this lady today though, and I really think that she's the exception to the rule. She seems really great - down to earth and very in tune with her team. She seemed to really like talking to me, and learning about my experience... and we hit it off great!

I met with one of the other ladies on the team, and she seemed great as well... and tomorrow I go back to meet with the other two for an hour each. So, I guess it's a very promising interview... the office is across the street from John's (which I said yesterday) and I think that would work out nicely.

The money issue came up, but when my number was much higher than theirs - she didn't scare off and said that she'd rather fight for the person that would make a great addition to her team - instead of settling for someone that could fit into their number. And that part of the conversation came up before she invited me back to meet with the rest of her team... so my guess is that she feels like she can get the salary up to where I need it to be.

I got a good feeling from her, and she even said that some days she'll come in and just take her team to the movies - can you imagine?! I honestly was in awe of her... night and day compared to what I was working for! She even brought her assistant in to tell her that she wanted to do something "fun" with me tomorrow... and she said "movies don't start at 9AM." HA!

The something fun is that she wants to see me in action with their database... since that is a big function of the job I'm applying for - I would be the center of the wheel or the backbone of their development operation. It seems like a great cause as well - it's a lot of different variations of helping people recover from addiction. From AA to a clinic to help babies that are born addicted to senior citizens dealing with new prescription medications being mixed with alcohol - which leads to them falling or something like that. So it's a lot of work in the community and actually helping people get through their problems and onto the other side of the problem.

That being said - I wouldn't actually work with the clients, but I would be helping raise money for scholarships and things to help people get into our programs if they weren't able to afford it on their own... so it's still helping people, and it would be raising money for a cause again - not just for the simple greed of it. (which is what it was all about at my last job)

Anyway - my only struggle right now is that I really felt in my heart that I was headed toward a classroom and teaching... but is this where God wants me to be? I just don't know... It's a little heart breaking that I've worked so hard to get to being certified to teach, and possibly won't ever get into a classroom. I don't know - maybe this won't work out and they won't be able to afford me... which would give me my answer, but if they do come through - how do I know that I'm truly following where God wants me to be?


  1. I don't know exactly where this might fall in terms of your personal ethics, but there's nothing wrong with accepting this job and continuing to seek out a teaching position in the meantime.

    That said, I loooooove the idea of helping people with addictions. One of my favorite TV shows is "Intervention"... I cry every episode!

    Maybe this is God just putting your mad-database skills to work for his glory until your teaching appointment is available.

    Who knows?!

  2. gosh Kim, Just read your verse of thoday

  3. I'm with Meg. Accepting this position if it is offered does not mean you give up on your dream of teaching. You got a good feeling from this woman and that is a plus and you need a job by the end of August. Sometimes we just have to bide our time. God isn't saying "No" to teaching; maybe he is saying, "No, not yet."

  4. I agree with Meghan and Kim. Many times God has a special route planned out for us, designed to prepare us for the next big stage of our life. It may seem insignificant or even bothersome at the time to be in a place that's not your "dream", but you'll be able to look back and see how He used that time in your life to make you into the person that you are currently and/or give you experiences and skills that would be invaluable in your teaching experience.

    AND you will have accomplished something for His glory as well; helping others and giving them a reason to live. Teaching lends itself to that pretty well, but it sounds like this job will offer a way for you to do that for even more people.

    AND the bonus to this is that you'd get to ride to work with your husband, not only saving money on gas and mileage, but providing some valuable time together that you were robbed of before. What a gift!

  5. I agree with meg and kim. :)

    keep those options open girl.


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