Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bloggy Women - Help?

Women of the world... I have a question for you... Is there a mascara out there that won't irritate my eyes?

I apparently have extremely sensitive eyes, and am in need of some product suggestions. Every time I put on eye makeup my eyes itch and drive me nuts until I get home and take the stuff off... what is a girl to do?

I'd like to be able to wear makeup to work when I start back, but it has been a good 15 years (ish) since I've worn makeup consistently on a daily basis - and I don't have a clue where to start.

Anyone out there that can help me?


  1. How old is your mascara Kim?

    Sounds like we need to take a trip to Target...AND we get to play dress up!! Weeeee!

    I use the pink and green bottle from Maybeliene...but if that doesn't work for you, I'm sure we can find something in one of Target's 'organic' type lines that might be a little 'easier on the eyes' LOL.

  2. I'm easy-to-please regarding mascara, so I can't help you there, but if you need any other make-up suggestions, let me just offer you one. I have found a line of products that I love, and I have thrown out almost ALL my other products (and I had tons!). I started wearing a mineral make-up called Bella Terra. It's better than Bare Minerals, in my opinion. I can do my make up in 5 minutes (literally!), and it stays on until I take it off at night. It's amazing!!!!

  3. try physicians formula. I have the same problem. the pink and green mascara makes my eyes itch and water. Also, any expensive mascara won't bother my eyes, like Lancome, etc. I don't buy mascara there, but I sometimes get it as a free gift during their specials. Never had a problem.
    Rightfootforward has a great question: how old is yours? they go bad pretty quickly!

  4. I have those sensitive to mascara eyes too.
    I found that if I use itchy watery eyes!

    Lately....I've been able to use Rimmell as well.

    Just sayin!


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