Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lets Get Political

I haven't made my thoughts on this whole election business known up until now, and I'm not officially going to say which way I roll... but you might figure it all out by the end of this post. I do have some very strong views, but at one point in my life - they were the complete opposite of what they are now.

When I was in high school (go figure) I had very distorted views of the world, based on circumstance and my lack of knowledge... just like every other teenager in the world... but sometimes even I'm shocked at some of the things I thought and believed back then.

Fast forward about 15 years, and things are very different. It's amazing how living on your own and paying actual taxes will make you really wake up and decide what is important to you.

Just a little cautionary statement before you keep reading... some of my views might be different from yours or even slightly offensive to you, but this is my blog - and if you want to discuss our differences - I'm all for that... but do it with class and respect - OR your comments will be deleted.

The one issue that REALLY gets to me is the idea of abortion. I've got so many reasons to hate abortion that I probably will forget some of them. For starters, I believe in God and his sovereignty which means that in my opinion - he is the only one qualified to truly know when it is time to take a human life. I know that some feel like if the baby is a risk to the mother's life, then it's okay... not me... if God puts a woman in that situation then he is with her and he will do what is perfect in his plan.

I have known some people in my life that have made the decision to abort babies, and I've struggled with that - being a woman that desperately wants a child... I can't imagine anything more selfish than to use abortion as a form of birth control.

When I think about it in a broader perspective - John is adopted, and someone out there loved him enough to give him a chance at life... I shudder to think if that woman had made another choice... I would never have been blessed with such an amazing husband.

Another issue that really gets me going is socialized medicine... who are we kidding?! I happen to be a person that works hard to pay for my insurance coverage, and I love having the freedom to choose my own doctors for myself... that is a fundamental right that is a basis of what makes America GREAT! I do think that the insurance companies need to be knocked down a little and brought back into reality - but a person's health care should be decided by them and their doctor. If a doctor thinks that something is medically necessary - then who is someone sitting over in HMO land to say otherwise? I've yet to talk to anyone at my insurance company that has their MD... and until they get on the phone to talk with my doctor and me... then I feel like the choices are mine alone!

The third issue (and last) that I'll take on is gun control... people - guns don't kill people... people do. I've pretty much lived with guns in my life since I was a toddler - and maybe before... and I've never needed to do anything stupid because of that. They are there for protection, and you'd better believe that if you tried to break in my house... threaten my family... or anything else to make me feel unsafe - I'd shoot you in a heartbeat. They are also used for hunting, and while that isn't something that I want to be involved in - I can completely respect someone going out and shooting their own food.

I'm amazed almost everyday at how far we've come from our roots. We were a country built with certain freedoms and rights... based on a foundation that respected God and his sovereignty, but every other day we're hearing stories about having statues replaced at courthouse buildings because it has a religious slant. Or how we need to rewrite the pledge of allegiance because someone doesn't want to say the line "One nation under God..." - you know what - you don't have to say it... you don't have to participate in a prayer before a sporting event... but don't you dare take my right to do just that away from me. You can just sit quietly and wait until it's over... just like I'd do if you did something I didn't want to participate in.

I'm guessing that at this point - most of you know which way I roll... but this is the only time I'm going to "get political"... while some people enjoy the fight of an election year (Dad!) some of the rest of us truly HATE it! I will exercise my right to vote come November, but the next 60 days are going to drive me completely nuts listening to all the propaganda!


  1. Great post girl!!
    And I think the coolest part of this country is that we are aloud to have differences of opinion.. And we should not get our panies in a wad when we disagree.. :D

  2. preach it sister!!! i'm right there with ya!

  3. I hate politics with a passion and have no idea who to vote for. I personally, don't have much faith in either of them.

    I consider myself pro-choice, though I am not always comfortable there. I hate to see abortion used as a method of birth control. However, where I struggle is with issues like rape. If I was brutally raped and got pregnant, I don't know how I'd feel about carrying that child as a constant reminder of what happened to me. I'd like to think that I could see past the crime to the life inside, but I don't know for certain if I could. For that reason alone, I'd never want the right to abort taken away. Yes, I feel it is terribly and horribly abused and as someone who adopted children because she could not get pregnant, I totally get that their are families out there who are willing to raise unwanted children. But the rape and date rape issues? Those are tough ones for me.


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