Friday, August 29, 2008


Well, I spent the morning at a crazy interview - it was all about getting to know what motivates me as a person, which is an interesting take on employing people. The only notable moment was meeting a woman dressed in a man's suit... I mean literally - suit, tie, men's shoes... the works. I'll have to say that was a first... but whatever floats your boat, right?

After the interview - I spent the rest of the day shopping... well at least a good 5 hours of it. Today though, I bought some things... shoes, pants, work tops... I think I'm just about set to join the land of the gainfully employed again. Thank goodness for the Labor Day sales!

I'll probably spend some time next week making some meals to freeze for lunches, but we'll see about that. It'll have to be cheap things - so maybe some soup or something like that. Then again - since wherever I start, won't know all about my history - I might want to figure out some things I can eat at room temperature for a while?

I don't know that I want to go blazing into a new office and immediately be the girl that's constantly at the microwave! I've been seeing some new nut combinations advertised where they have an energy mix, a heart healthy mix, and a South Beach mix... so maybe I'll check those out and make some little snack bags for a meal. That would get me a protein bar, some nuts, lunch... and then one other meal to eat while I'm at the office.

After I returned home from my shopping, I got a call from the neighborhood center (same place as my morning interview) and they are prepared to make an offer next week. This could be the answers to our prayers in terms of maintaining my old salary!!

I hope that they'll move quickly enough for me to be able to call the law school before they're finished with my background check... I'd feel so much better about it if I could call them before they've notified the other candidates of the position being filled. We'll see how it all works out though.

The football is back on... so I'm headed in for a bubble bath or something... I'm thinking that I need to get a book to read when I get my fill of sports so I can go find a quiet corner somewhere to retreat into a good story. Once it gets cooler - I'd love to sit outside and enjoy some reading time... but that'll happen long about November!


  1. Woot!!! They called sooner than you thought! :-D

    You should have waited til tomorrow to go shopping, I would have gone with you!

  2. Hey Kim go, go, go on your thoughts, you know, when I left as computer supervisor of a cpa firm, they hired a young graduate, I found later that he was offered twice the salary that I was making.... He didn't even make the grade two yrs later he was fired... I guess the only difference between he and I was a piece of flesh between our legs!!!

  3. Wonderful news about all these offers! And Kim, go read "The Shack". You are probably sick of me talking about it, but what a great story.


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