Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Here

Well, my friends... football season is officially upon us... I've spent my evening flipping between the Houston Texans game and the Baylor game. This is what we do now for the next SEVERAL months!! (ARG!) From Thursday through Sunday and even sometimes on Monday... John fits it all in... and basically - I entertain myself by any other means possible.

For all the things that I love about the fall... this one gets old fast. For Christmas in 2006, John (who gives GREAT gifts!!) gave me a deal he called "The 12 months of Christmas." This was a deal where each month of 2007 - I got to open an envelope with a gift of sorts inside.

Some of these gifts were things like - a week of not having to do the dishes, or not having to do the laundry... dinner and a movie (either out or a home)... just some nice simple gifts. Well, the mister decided to give me one weekend without football - a weekend of his choosing, that is. SCORE!

Ok, lets preface this by saying that there is almost always a weekend when the Aggies play on Thursday night instead of on Saturday... and that was the weekend I was given off. Isn't it nice how it worked out for him too? Only he made it through Saturday (God only knows how!), but the poor thing locked himself in our bedroom for a little while on Sunday because he couldn't take it anymore... we decided that it counted because I didn't have to watch any football that weekend.

I guess in the grand scheme of things - it could be worse... but by November - I won't see that point very well.

Today, I spent the day with my friend Renee and her daughter. Little "L" is the cutest thing ever!! She is almost 2 (in two weeks!) and even though Renee has been dealing with the beginnings of those terrible two's - she couldn't have been better today.

We basically went window shopping, but other than the initial stage of getting into the stroller - she was a dream!

We started out the day at their place, and "L" was shy - but it took her about two minutes before she was showing me all her toys and asking me to help with putting them together. Then things progressed - and I think she liked me... because we got to a point where when she needed to hold hands with someone - she'd run from Renee and grab my hand. (Sorry Mommy!!)

Since Renee's husband, "K" is going to the football game with John on Saturday - I get to spend more time with little "L" and her Mommy!! (YEAH!!) If you haven't figured it out yet - I really enjoy spending time with our new friends... because Renee and I have a lot in common and have a good time hanging out - even if we get a slow start because we are both a little indecisive.

So, that's about it for the day - tomorrow brings a cultural interview, and our weekly shopping trip to Wal-Mart - oh and don't forget - there's probably more football. It's exciting stuff, ya'll!


  1. What a fantastic idea...the 12 months of Christmas..what a creative hubby you have!

  2. I'm envisioning all the things I will be able to do while Seth watches football...quilt, shop, hang out at the library, cook all the recipes I've been clipping for years, scrapbook, walk....I'm giddy just thinking about it. But yes, it does get old fast. The season should end in October.

  3. I feel your pain. I hate football with a passion. It just takes too long to play! They run for like five seconds and then stop for like five minutes and this goes on and on! And I'm sorry, watching grown men leaping on each other does nothing for me.


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