Friday, August 22, 2008

Blown Away

Again, I am so fortunate to have such wonderful friends. My friend "the other" Kim has taken to the internet to tell people what she thinks about my commenter...

Kim is such a beautiful Christian woman, also going through this process that I am... and of course is rocking the weight loss!!

I don't know what I would do without these wonderful women that I've met on the internet that completely understand where I'm coming from on a surgery front, and the struggles that come with that.

I've got so much support in my life, and I love and appreciate all of you for that... but these women pick up with knowledge that others might not have. Kim, Lacy, Meg, Donna, Laurie, and Jil... you are the best virtual support group in the WORLD!!

My family and friends are the honest to goodness best in the world too - so I'm a VERY lucky girl!

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  1. Eh, no big deal. That kind of stuff just makes me irate. I had a similar attack a few years ago by those people who left my church after their vote to leave the ELCA didn't pan out. I wrote about my experience with that whole horrible situation and I got flamed on my own blog. Not pretty, but I posted her comment (yeah, I know exactly who it was) to my blog and then told her off. I just hate that. This space is ours and no, you don't have to agree with us, but if you feel the need to verbally disagree at least be polite.

    And you're the rockstar, not me ;)


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