Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can I Just Say?

That I have the most amazing friends?! I really appreciate the support from the comments for my last post.

It's interesting the things that get people really upset, and for me... any sort of attack on my family or friends pushes me right over the edge. That being said, I used to be someone that didn't think weight loss surgery was for me. Clearly, I changed my mind along the way...

In 2002, when the surgery would have been covered for both John and I by insurance - I was too scared to do anything about it. I didn't feel like the procedures were well established, and I didn't know anyone that had successfully gone through the surgery.

I'd heard lots of horror stories about the old procedures, and was afraid of the possibilities. I remember vividly the first time the possibility was brought to my attention by a physician though... it was the day I was diagnosed with diabetes just about a week before my 24th birthday.

I'd gone to the doctor because I thought I was pregnant, but was told (in a not so nice bedside manner) that I was not pregnant... but was a diabetic at serious risk. I fiddled around with moments of being seriously devoted to my care, and moments of denial... but it wasn't until 2007 that I truly started exploring ways to rid myself of the terrible disease once in for all.

Diabetics do a crazy dance with insulin, medications, diet, and exercise - but not much out there gives you any real hope of getting over the disease... that is until I met Dr. Adam Naaman, and Dr. Adam Weinstein.

Dr. Naaman was to be my surgeon for my gastric bypass, but he retired before my surgery date... he was the first doctor to give me hope of a light at the end of the tunnel. He explained that people were having incredible success rates of curing diabetes through gastric bypass surgery. Until that seminar I wasn't even sure what type of surgery I wanted... but he started the spark that I believe has changed my life forever.

Dr. Weinstein picked up where Dr. Naaman left of as being my primary care physician, and the true ambassador of my health. He has been there with me every step of this process, and even when the surgery didn't seem to be a possibility - he managed to get my blood sugars the most under control of my entire time being diabetic.

I don't know how or why - I woke up one morning last year and had made up my mind to have this surgery... but I know that God was with me in the process and led me to some of the brightest medical minds in the business to guide me through the steps.

The irrational comments of today got me thinking about my journey, and I honestly can say that no matter what my future brings... I am 100% sure that I made the correct decision that day, and everyday since.

Call me crazy, but my nature is to support anyone that I come in contact with along whatever journey they are traveling... it's truly unfortunate that other people enjoy beating others down.

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  1. I'm sorry someone would be so insensitive, but you know we've got your back!


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