Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day of Rest?

Doesn't he look peaceful?

That is pretty much what I wanted to do today, but only managed to do it for about an hour after lunch. I woke up this morning just about unable to walk - my calf muscles are SCREAMING from yesterday's workout.

I managed to make it to church, and had a lovely welcome back from Pastor Kevin and our Worship Pastor Justin. I walked into the Worship Center this morning while our Worship Team was in the middle of practicing... and Justin welcomed me back over the microphone. He also told me after the service that I'm not allowed to miss anymore Sundays - he's so funny! (I've missed the last two weeks because of my vacation and then the surgery)

Ya'll - I think there is a lady at our church that doesn't like me... or has some sort of issue with me. I'm not going to go into the details, but she just seems to have an issue. I don't really have much contact with her at all, and that makes it sort of weird that she'd have this sort of problem with me... but it's honestly sort of obvious to John and I. It's not someone that I'm willing to confront, and not even really the sort of issue that needs anything said - because it honestly could just be her personality being so vastly different from mine that it comes off in a negative way. It's totally nothing done directly to me - just weird looks and comments... so it's really not that big of a deal... I just needed to work through it in my head, which means that you've got to read about it.

The rest of the day has been just relaxing, a light workout, and tracking my food online. (Oh and putting recipes up on my other blog) I decided to do a light workout today because of my leg pain, and well - if I were going to take a day off during the week, it's going to be Sunday. I did one of my Biggest Loser workout videos, and it kicked my butt - it's so strange that I got winded doing it, but never did get my heart rate into the range. The video was only 20 minutes, so then I just did some playing on the Wii Fit. Nothing seriously designed to work out hard, but in the hour I managed to burn off 480 calories.

I'm tracking my food on My Plate, which allows me to plug in my calories burned off of my heart rate monitor - and shows me my net calories for the day. I'll try to do some research tomorrow about how many calories my body needs to maintain my weight versus what it's actually getting right now on my plan.

On a sad note, for me at least... pre-season football started yesterday... so the fall is truly upon us again - which means that my television will be full of football for months to come... nothing gets by my husband in terms of college football, and even really pro-football when the timing allows... so I guess I'll be spending a bit of time working out or something other than watching football!!


  1. we can hang out and let our husbands watch football...

    i cannot think of a more boring thing to do than watch a football game straight through...blech!


  2. I hate football.

    Ya know, there are some people in churches who still thrive on talking about everyone else. We have them too and our church is fairly small, but I heard it this morning with our money counters. Someone always doesn't like someone else, blah, blah, blah. This woman probably doesn't really know you and who know? Maybe she is making assumptions about you or whatever. She may be the type of person who you just have think "Well, if she's talking about me then she is giving someone else a rest."


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