Saturday, August 9, 2008

Workout Day 2

Well, I did it I kept my heart rate up for a full hour today, which burned 680 calories! I'm not sure why it wasn't closer to 820, but I'm still happy with it. I worked out for a total of an hour and 20 minutes today... which is impressive for me!!

The heart rate monitor raised my range by two beats... yesterday it was 131-152 and today it was 133-152... I found that interesting, but also hard. I had to do my step routine with 3 pound weights the entire time (30 minutes!! WHEW!), and even with them at times I had to really pump my arms to get the heart rate up in range.

I am starting to feel better, and I lost another pound since yesterday!! I don't know how, but I'm taking it as a reward for two days of hard work.

Ya'll, I've come to a strange realization... all my life - I've been told to follow a 1,200 calorie diet to lose weight... and since that works for Meghan - it's going to be my magic number too. The thing that I find amazing though is that it's taken me a major surgery to be able to do that while being satisfied. How in the world would anyone ever expect me to be able to maintain a diet like that with my original stomach?!

I just find it amazing... because I always thought that I was just a major wimp before when I couldn't hang with the Total Body Makeover program, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and the like... ok - Weight Watchers is a bad example because the problem there was that I'd use all my points to eat bad things and then starve the rest of the day...

Anyway, I just find it amazing that even after the surgery - where I can only eat a fraction of what I was eating - I still find myself today having 70 calories over my 1,200 limit... and yesterday I was 200 over!! I just can't imagine trying it again with a full sized stomach.

I also would never be able to jump back into working out with the vigor that I'm doing it right now if I still had those 78 pounds hanging on to me... I am so thankful for the blessing that God has given me through this surgery.

I also find myself thinking about where I was 1 year ago... 2 weeks away from moving into our new house... and out of our second floor apartment - can you imagine?! I can't imagine that moving is ever easy - but what a different story it would be this year than it was last... I was so overwhelmed and tired even at the thought of the work, and we had MOVERS!! All I had to do was get the little stuff and unpack... and I still was completely exhausted and sick over the physical strain.

Again, what a difference a little time makes... I know deep in my heart that I never want to get back there... I just have to lean on God, make good choices, and keep moving in order to make that a long-term reality.


  1. Wow! love the new Blog look... :)

    Keep in mind that the more fit you become, the harder you'll have to work to burn more calories.

    Think of it this way....

    If you have a me who has never sprinted the length of a football field, and an NFL player racing against me, who will be more winded?

    Me, of course, since I'm not triained for that kind of endurance.

    Running up the length of the field is no big deal to the pro, and he's barely out of breath because he's used to doing it a hundred times or so a game.

    So, in the end for the pro to get a better workout, he has to continually challenge himself. For instance, if he ran the length of the field with weights on his ankles and his hands held high over his head/heart, he'd burn more calories.

    Also, heart rate monitors are a great guide, but I find there are sill huge discrepancies.

    Anyway, my thoughts, for what they're worth. :) I'm proud of you for making the step forward and working out!

  2. Good for you, Kim! You are back in the losing game and even feeling better! I'm so thrilled for you!

    Love the look of the blog too!

    Oh and I did look at our Walmart for workout clothing and they didn't have shorts either! I find other Wally Worlds in other states have a way better selection than ours!

  3. I just wanted to warn you that Fitday told me yesterday I need to eat only 900 calories per day to meet my goal weight by Christmas. 900!! :(

  4. wow, it sounds like you're doing a great job! way to go!


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