Thursday, August 7, 2008

Healing Nicely

Those are the words of the day from Dr. Ngo. He is such a great doctor - I really liked his bedside manner and his techniques... and John liked him it's sort of sad to me that I'll more that likely never need his services again. (or at least I hope not)

He said things were looking well, and that I should expect to feel a little better and gain a little more energy every day. I'm still going to plan on starting some workouts in order to help boost that along.

I mentioned my blood sugars being a little high and low at times to him, and he said that it wasn't a result of the gallbladder being taken out - so I'll need to follow up with Dr. Weinstein about that situation. I didn't notice it today - so maybe it's working itself out - sometimes I think my body just goes into shock when anything changes. I'll give it some more time and see how things go - I know when I work out things tend to be lower - so I'll just continue to check it if I feel an extreme, and try to at least catch a trend or pattern to help in explaining it to Dr. W.

The other Kim said that I'm being to hard on myself in terms of being frustrated with my lack of energy, and while that's probably right - lets face it... we are all our own toughest critics - I think that part of the problem at this point is that I'm getting a little bit bored. Had this been a surgery where I had to take off of work a few days to do it... I don't think it would be quite as taxing on the stir-crazy meter... because I was just fine not driving and recovering for two weeks with the bypass, but after I stopped being in a pain medicated haze this time around - I started getting some serious cabin fever!

I got the licence plates for the car today - which absolutely crack me up!! The first three digits of it are KMY... which Hope thought I'd done on purpose... because it looks like it spells Kimmy!! HA!

Speaking of Hope - I got to have lunch with her today, and it was lovely - we hadn't seen each other in quite some time... and we enjoyed a nice light lunch which gave us lots of time to just sit and gab about gossip at my old office, and many other things... she and I have such a random relationship, and certainly our own brand of humor - I miss having her as my partner in crime on a daily basis at the office.

Still no call from the lady at the drug place... and it's starting to weird me out - because they acted like they really wanted to fill the job quickly... but I'm not getting that impression now. I don't know - maybe there are some big issues happening around there with their construction project and other things... but it just seems weird that in a week she hasn't found a moment to call me or email me to let me know what's going on. Seriously, every time my cell phone rings - I run over to it and then see that it's someone I know... and get a little bit of a let down. Not that I don't want to talk to my friends and family... but John and I have been on pins and needles now for a week!!

I did go back to looking for other options today, and heard from my principal friend that she gave my name to another principal in the district - so maybe that will pan out... who knows, but it certainly will be a relief when I get something!!


  1. This job waiting game has to suck!

    Can you maybe call the drug place and check in with them?? My dad, though he was old school, always insisted that calling a place you interviewed with showed them you were interested.

  2. I like your facelift, glad to hear everything is going well!


  3. I just realized facelift sounds funny if you don't know what i'm talking about, I meant your new template for your blog. Argyle makes my OCD happy!



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