Wednesday, August 6, 2008


What is the most beautiful sight on the planet? For me today... it was Susan and Brooklyn at my door with Starbucks bright and early! Have I mentioned that I'm a cheap date these days?

They came for what I thought would be a quiet day of playing Wii and possibly getting started on some wedding planning... but ended up being a marathon day of bridesmaid dress shopping. As it seems right now we have about 9 weeks (give or take a few days) until the wedding and barely enough time to order dresses... much less find ones that the bride likes!

So after trying on about 30 different dresses in two stores - I don't know if we've found one or not... but I did have an epiphany... ya'll!! I went into a bridal store and tried dresses on off the rack! WHEEE!

Granted they were the biggest sizes they had in most cases, but not only did I try them on and they fit - and in a lot of cases they needed to be pinned in order to fit properly. So imagine my silent amazement at being somewhat normal, and finally going through what the rest of the world goes through in a shop like that!

I've been in several weddings in my day - not as many as a lot of people I know, but a handful... and this experience has already surpassed those in several ways. Mainly because it's not something that I am completely dreading this time - would I like to be smaller yes... but ya'll I have come so far from where I was.

I remember being in my sister Cindy's wedding back in 1999, and I will remember it for the rest of my life because when I ordered my dress for her wedding - I had to get the largest size they made, and knew it wasn't going to fit... so we had to order some extra fabric and have someone sew it in to make a dress that would fit me. Can you imagine how humiliating that was? There I was with all these sorority girls in their size 4's, and then there was me... but I love my sister - so I made it through for her, and I probably didn't look as bad as I might have thought. (The dress was silver though - and on my coloring... I should have asked for a toe tag!)

So this time around - there are plenty of dresses that will fit me without problems! When we made it back to my house - I was completely exhausted, and was so out of energy - John ordered a pizza for dinner. It's not exactly on our healthy eating plan, but sometimes you've got to make exceptions... just not often.

I guess it wasn't the best thing to do one week after surgery, but I love Susan and really enjoy spending time with her... and of course we are on limited time with the planning... we only have about 9 weeks to plan - so we had to get right on it instead of just easing into it and conceptualizing everything first.

I expressed my frustration with my energy levels being so low, and after some tears - John reminded me that my energy levels really were at their best when I was working out. I'm going to have to try to get that started again. I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow and see how things go by starting back really lightly.

I have my follow up with the doctor, so I'm going to ask him about it as well. It'll be another full day though - so we'll see how that goes too.

I talked with one of the ladies at the Drug Council today, and they still want to talk to me... but things have been really crazy for the person doing the hiring. So after 2 phone messages and an email this week... plus talking to one of the assistants... I'm still waiting, but have a more positive feeling. They still want to talk to me even though the job isn't listed on the website... so cross your fingers that she gets time to call me tomorrow!!

I'm afraid that they're going to call on Friday afternoon and want me to start on Monday or something, and then I'll be spending the weekend scrambling for clothes - but I guess I'll just deal with whatever comes. At least that would be a good problem to have, right?

I will fill you guys in after my follow up appointment tomorrow...


  1. I think you are being way too hard on yourself for having low energy a week after surgery, Kimberly! Good heavens, cut yourself a break! Talk to your doc at your checkup, but I'll bet you are right on target. I know my energy level was low 2-3 WEEKS after my RNY, so what makes a gallbladder surgery any different? Surgery is surgery and your body needs to heal.

    And good for you for being able to try on dresses off the rack! That has to feel AMAZING!

  2. The Lane Bryant off 290 and Spring Cypress (by TJ Maxx)is having a great sale. All their clearance is 9.99. I bought a pair of capris and 3 shirts for $40 today!

  3. Yay for positive shopping experiences!!! I KNOW how good that feels! :)

    You're right, exercise might help your energy levels. but then again, maybe your body just needs more healing time. Easy does it!


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