Sunday, August 17, 2008

Memory Moments

We just got home from our small group session tonight, and the focus of our Bible study was moments in our lives that we would always remember. Moments that can be good or bad, but moments that I typically like to call "snapshot moments." Snapshot moments are moments in time that no matter what you go through in your life - you'll always remember every little detail about the situation.

We also took it a step further to talk about moments when you knew that God was with you, or even if you didn't know it in the moment - you can recognize now that he was in control. We also talked about symbols of those moments.

In the Bible - God speaks with symbols, and has his disciples go forth with symbols to show the world who he is and show them the things that he has done. So, we also talked about how we could make our own symbols in our own lives to show the things that God has done.

Being the typical shy girl (shout out to Renee - my sister in shyness!), I not only couldn't think of any examples in my own life to share with the group - but I wasn't fully digesting the discussion either.

I apparently need to take my own Bible in the future so that I can follow along with the reading, because ya'll - I am NOT an auditory learner by any stretch of the imagination. I can't follow or comprehend a single thing that goes on if I hear it. I've got to see it or touch it in order to understand what's happening. On a side note - it's sad that I've married a man that loves to read articles and things to me - because it's all lost on me... as I don't pick up a single thought from anything he's read to me.

So, anyway, as I sit here tonight trying to think of the things in my life that would apply to the discussion... I'm still a little at a loss because I of course have the obvious things like my wedding, college graduation... and the like where there are traditional symbols... but that's not enough for me on this topic.

I don't know what the symbol would be attached to this, but I think that I am smack in the middle of two very big God lessons...

1) This job search process - and the faith that it is taking to not panic, and know that he's going to land me in the right place at the right time. I truly am being faithful on that, and obedient to give every opportunity a shot - so that he can guide me when the right one comes along. (I just pray that I hear him clearly in that moment!) Would my symbol be a paycheck? Or just another entry on my resume? I don't know, but whatever it is... I know I'll remember the day that this season comes to an end. (You'll probably hear John's cheers all the way in California and Maine!)

2) My weight loss surgery journey - now I could wrap this into so many other things (like having a baby), but I don't know what the future holds for anything in my life... but it has truly tested my faith in so many ways going through this process. I put my faith and trust in him to provide me a way to have the surgery, and bring me through that process safely. I've also put my faith in him to show me the way to truly learn, believe, and live like my body is a temple.

You see, I whole-heartily believe that God has his hands all over this process... because I really don't consider myself to have anything resembling will-power of any sort. I also don't have the drive on my own to workout vigorously like I have been for the last 10 days. So it has to be God's prodding and pushing... I can't figure any other reason that I woke up one day and started a routine for my health and stuck to it for this long. It has to be God all over that because I honestly started trying to talk myself into doing it several days before I actually did. What was different that day? God was tired of watching me sit there and beat myself up about it... and pushed me in the right direction... in which I finally followed and stepped out in faith that he would bring me through it.

I don't know what symbol I would use... my scars? See, here I could say that us having a child could be a symbol that the ultimate goal was achieved, but at the same time - having a child is a miracle all to itself, and brings its own symbols and snapshot moments.

Who knows, but I'm so glad that we've been given the gift of being able to look back at those moments and really appreciate what God has given/taught us.

What are some of your snapshot moments? Please share some in the comments...