Monday, August 25, 2008

No News = Good News?

I haven't heard anything from the school yet, but I didn't really expect to with it being the first day. I sort of thought that it would be tomorrow before she started calling for interviews... so I'll be sitting by the phone tomorrow - jumping out of my skin each time it rings...

I did have an excellent interview with the neighborhood center's leadership today, and she wanted to know if I got any other offers - so I told her about the offer from the Law School. She's going to get back to me before I have to let them know, because she really would like to hire me.

The timing might not be right between this job and the Law School, but I'd absolutely jump from one to the other - of course I'm still hopeful that I won't have to do that.

Nothing much else is going on at the moment... hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep over the next couple of nights... being this unsettled makes for crazy mind games in the middle of the night... or at the very least makes me not be able to shut my brain off enough to relax and fall asleep.

We'll see what happens though - one thing is for sure... I'm going to need a massage after all of this!! Maybe two if I have to set up a classroom over night... but we'll get there if that comes!

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  1. I'd say that God is teaching you patience, but as you already have the patience of a saint, maybe you will be the new Mother Teresa, aka Mother Kim.

    Hope you heard something today!


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