Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, if this is a lesson in patience... it's a LONG one! No new news on the job front tonight... well - maybe.

I emailed the principal today, and she said that they won't have the staffing issues figured out for hire until after Labor Day. They are trying to move the current teachers around from schools with low enrollment to the schools that are over enrolled. So hopefully next week - I'll hear something from them.

The neighborhood center emailed me to tell me that they want to move as fast as they can on the hiring process there, and if you remember - they are my first choice outside of teaching... so I'm pulling for them BIG TIME! Their Vice President is going to call me tomorrow and talk through the status of their position.

I've got to notify the law school tomorrow, and I'm really nervous about how that conversation is going to go... I've never had to go through this portion of the job search process before. I'm praying that God gets me through it one way or the other.

Other than that, I surprised John today by organizing our closet - I'd pulled out all the clothes that didn't fit me last week to give away, but hadn't gotten back in there to finish cleaning up the mess. So today, he came home to a clean closet, a sparking bathroom, and clean sheets. Apparently I had a bite from the spring cleaning bug... only about 5 months late!

I also made some Chinese food for dinner... beef and broccoli with some rice... now I'm settling in to watch some recorded television programs... we've been enjoying Bones this summer on TNT - they only play it once a week, and it's typically after we go to bed... so we put it on the DVR, and watch it when we have time.

I'm in search of some new recipes for my menu next week, so if anyone knows of anything healthy and quick - please send the recipe or link my way... and I'll absolutely give you credit when I put it on Kim's Cuisine. I have one recipe to add to that site tomorrow, and you guys will LOVE it!! It's not necessarily the most healthy - but man... it's worth the treat! I guess it could be healthy depending on the amount of cheese you use.

I feel like I'm not very exciting tonight - so I'm going to stop here... is there anything you guys would like to know more about? Anything I've been neglecting? Anything you want to ask and have me answer? Put any of that in the comments!!