Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Girl

Today, Renee and I started out our day going to get little "L" her first big girl bed... she turns two tomorrow, and it was an exciting day! We drove up to my in-law's to pick up the bed and a few of John's remaining items from college. With the truck loaded down, we headed back toward H-town.

After unloading all the parts at Renee's house - we headed out to get some remaining items I needed for my career attire... I returned a pair of shoes that ended up sliding off my feet with every step, and got a different pair. We then went to Target to get all of "L's" bedding and my new mascara to try out.

I ended up with a Neutrogena product to try out that is for sensitive eyes - so we'll see what happens. I see that they still make the last tint product, so if this doesn't work - I might try it out next.

Those are the highlights for the day... but because Allie asked - I thought I'd give you a little insight into what I'm going to be doing for my new job.

I will be working for a large human services agency in Houston, and will be officially titled Database Manager. (Sounds fun, huh?) It's a new position for this organization, and my initial responsibilities is to totally overhaul their database and make it a useful tool for their fundraising department.

Apparently, they haven't been able to keep good records - so there will be lots of cleanup projects initially and probably some basic data entry projects too. All in order to make sure that we can pull out accurate information when needed.

I will also be keeping track of all the donations as they come in, and sending out the thank you letters as well... and from there the possibilities are limitless. My position was created with the hope of coming in and helping revamp the way things are done there, and then building a team of people to take care of all of these needs as the organization grows...

They have a very good vision of where they want to go, and I've got the opportunity to build a good foundation and then manage a team of people that will expand on what I've built.

There is such promise for a good experience with this organization - I don't expect to have a good day everyday, but I think that this truly could be a place where I can be happy again. I know for sure that they respect my skill set, and that alone puts them light years ahead of my former employer.

To say that they respect my skill set is almost an understatement because this process has had God's hands all over it. Initially when I met with my new boss a couple of weeks ago - she thought that they might be 3 months away from creating this job and actually looking for someone to fill it... but as I kept meeting people at the organization - they moved faster and faster to get me into their team. To say faster and faster is an understatement because I don't even think they've written an actual job description yet!

It's funny because it's a similar situation to one that I was in a couple of jobs ago, and it's actually more fun and exciting to me because I'm not limited by what is on paper - I can build a niche within their team and add things as they come... I look forward to the opportunity to be a productive member of a new fundraising team - look out world... here I come!

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