Monday, September 29, 2008

Brooklyn Turns 1

I'm getting caught up on my blog photos as promised - I wanted to get this done during the day today because I've got some other things to talk about this evening. So without further delay - lets take a look at some of my favorite pictures from Miss Brooklyn's birthday party.

This is the cake, her paternal grandmother worked on this cake until 3 AM the night before the party!

The birthday girl enjoying the process of opening presents. She isn't quite big enough to do it on her own - so her big sister, Taylor got in there to help.

Playing with one of the toys that Aunt Kim & Uncle John gave her...

One last clean shot before the cake destruction...

Sharing cake with Taylor... hysterical!

I don't know that I've ever seen her look happier - or messier.

Playing with her new toys as the party guests start to leave.

A picture of Brooklyn with Mommy and her new baby doll.

The hero of the day was Uncle John for putting together the bigger toys so that she could start breaking them in!

And she's off... probably headed to Wal-Mart in her little imagination.


  1. I just want to pinch those little baby cheeks! I love the cake covered baby photos! Adorable!

  2. she is SO makes me want to have another one...


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