Monday, September 29, 2008

A Gremlin Turns 2

We rounded out our weekend with Renee's daughter, little "L" (aka The Gremlin) celebrating her second birthday. The party was at a park not to far from our house, and it was nice to enjoy the fresh air - the only negative was the mosquitoes toward the end of the party. I thankfully didn't get bit, but I saw a ton of them - and they are HUGE! (Like jumbo jets!) Here are a couple of pictures from the party...

This was L's cupcake cake... we all thought it was just adorable...

Swinging is so much fun!!

Me with my best-est buddy, Renee. (Yes, I know that best-est isn't a word...) Renee has some of the other good shots from the party on her blog as well.

This kiddo is so cute - some of our favorite things she says are: "We Eat!", and when you even mention birthday around her she'll get a really excited look on her face and say, "Cake!"

Here she is wondering why the bow won't stick to her... the sticky part was left on the box.

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