Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cruel Joke

** I know that a lot of my readers are from the Houston area, and already know all of this information - but I'm keeping updates for family and friends that are watching to see how we're doing. **

Well, we had power again for a few hours only to lose it again from 11 until about 9 this morning. It seems to come back on whenever we start getting the generator ready to hook up. Poor John got it on the back porch, and had the fridge ready to plug in - but that's when the power came back on. If it weren't so frustrating - it would be funny.

I am so incredibly proud of how our city is handling this - whenever I'm able to watch the news coverage - everything looks orderly and people are hanging in there... so unlike the things we saw after Katrina.

We are watching the weather continue to be a mess as the rain is back again today, and threatens to get really bad this afternoon as a cold front moves in to the area. We got 5" of rain during the height of Ike, and last night got another 2" of rain... so we'll see what our total ends up being by the end of this whole situation.

Now we just have to see what happens now... and we'll see later when we will be asked to return to work. The main bummer for today is that our church had to cancel services today - and it would really be great to be able to get together as a group and thank God for getting us through this storm without any major events.

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