Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hawkins Shelter/Hotel

This evening we've taken in 6 refugees from Montgomery County, Texas... John's family is here with us because they don't have power at their houses. They rolled in about mid-afternoon... and immediately started cooking.

We've made a big pot of soup, baked a frozen pie that had partially thawed... and have plans of grilling some steaks this evening as well.

Naturally, we've had the news on all day - and I have to say that people are really hammering on FEMA and what is perceived as a lack of response... I find it really sad that in times like these the media really stirs the pot on issues.

I mean - the officials told us to prepare to be self sustaining for up to 3 days, and sure - we've been very lucky at our house... but it's been 24 hours since the storm hit, and people are already trying to blame the government for failing them because the FEMA trucks haven't arrived to all our citizens. I just find it flat amazing.

The vast majority of people are out there making due for themselves and doing the best they can. Stores have opened in some areas and people are doing the best that they can to provide for themselves... BUT relief has gotten to Galveston which is an area of great need... so I think that they are doing a great job.

I guess it is our nature to blame someone when we're hurting, but I hope that in the end people will realize that in reality things could have been so much worse.

My boss called earlier and our offices don't have power so we'll be closed tomorrow. She will call again tomorrow to let me know if they get power tomorrow, but none of us really expect that it'll be on there that quickly.

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  1. Sorry I've been absent. This week has been crazy!

    I think the media need to tone it down a lot with lots of things but that will never happen. They seem to fuel everything with opinions and it just annoys me! Glad John's family has a place to retreat to!


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