Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Year Celebrated

Brooklyn's first year of life has been celebrated to its fullest, and the birthday girl seemed to have a wonderful time... the gifts were a hit, and boy - the cake was smashed all over her! She wasn't shy about the cake portion of the party.

I've been to my fair share of first birthday parties, and I don't think I can remember one with as much of a cake mess. I guess I am surrounded by lots of little girls that don't like getting sticky... but Miss Brooklyn didn't have any problems of that nature! HA!

I've got tons of pictures, but quite honestly - I'm just not in the mood to upload them tonight. I'm going to be taking more tomorrow at little "L's" party - so I'll just work on them all at one time.

For those keeping me honest...daily vitamin intake was completed. :-)

I got to have some minor contact with my friend Maria last night - she's the one in the Navy and was just shipped to Japan for 24 months. This first week has been hard on her, change is never easy - but when your whole world changes at one time... new job, new country, new living arrangements, and having to tell your fiance goodbye while he's sent to his own ship... very tough to deal with at one time. She does have email, and we were trying to chat via Facebook last night - but the connection was not very good.

I expressed my frustration that our armed forces don't have the best of the best to my Dad, and he wasn't super sympathetic - when he was in the Air Force - he had to communicate via mail... or heck - it might have been carrier pigeon... HA! (Kidding Dad!) I just could tell that my friend was hurting and it irked me to not be able to be the best friend I can be in that moment. I tried, and believe me - she knew that I was there for her... but when her connection went out like every other minute - not easy to instant message!

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