Friday, September 26, 2008

Full Week

My first full week at work is finished. It was good... but long! I can see so much work in my future - and places where I can truly make a huge difference in the organization. It must be a God thing because I haven't ever seen an organization where there was so much work to be done within my expertise.

I took my second round of vitamins this morning - for those monitoring my progress back to model patient. :-)

I'm getting the menu for next week completed as my first order of business tomorrow is to get the grocery shopping finished before we need to head to Brooklyn's birthday party. We've got two very special birthday parties this weekend... Brooklyn's tomorrow, and Renee's daughter's on Sunday. This will be a high volume picture weekend, for sure!

I'm really seeing the beauty of riding to work with John - not only for the speed and ease of getting to/from work... but we have some of our best talks in the car. There isn't much else to do - so it gives us a chance to focus on talking. We talked about investing in a treadmill with my first full paycheck - so in another week or so - we might be in the market... anyone that uses a treadmill regularly want to tell me the essential functions that I want to look for?