Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Developments

I've talked to the neighborhood center place twice today, and things are progressing really well. I am going to call first thing in the morning to get my drug test scheduled, and by the end of the day tomorrow - I will have an offer in writing.

The lady did give me an idea of the salary and I'll give you guys the low down on how different that is from the other offer as soon as I get something in writing and know exactly what they are planning.

I pretty much spent the rest of the day getting some things done around the house... I've got several things that I want and need to get done in the remaining days before I go back to work.

A close friend of mine is having some serious health problems right now, and went to see my doctor today... it looks like she's on the verge of a diagnosis of either lupus or MS, and any prayers that could be sent up for her would be greatly appreciated. This has been a really hard summer for her family, as her husband was laid off not to long after I was - and with a small child... it makes for a tough summer season for them.

I pray that Dr. W will be able to help her and provide some relief to her symptoms while holding the disease at bay as much as possible.

I've got an email in to my sister who had an autoimmune disease that popped up about 5 years ago - she had autoimmune hepatitis, and her liver was in pretty bad shape when the doctors finally caught it. She is a smart woman and is very determined to do whatever she can to fight things... so she found a program overseas that has changed many lives around her... it was a program where they take your blood and make a vaccine out of it that fights the problem as it stands in your own system. It basically takes the viruses that are in your system and makes a personalized vaccine to fight it... well it has changed Cindy's life. She's gone through the vaccine process, twice now (I think) and is doing really well.

I believe that this program would help my friend, and I want to give her as much information as possible to help her... the only problem is that she might not be able to pay for it... but if it is her answer - God will provide.

I am thankful that she has a strong faith, and that she'll be able to lean on her faith during this time of uncertainty and treatment.

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  1. I'll be praying for your friend, Kim! My friend, Andie, who I have mentioned before, has lupus and though a challenge, she is dealing with it well.

    So glad to hear your job worries are almost over!


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