Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Done Deal

I am finally 100% done with job searching for a while... and my deal is done. It ended up being exactly $15,000 more a year than the law school's offer. I start work on Tuesday.

I had to go in today and fill out my pre-employment paperwork, and a drug screening. Let me tell you about the craziness of the drug screening process... I had to take my paperwork over to another clinic to get the procedure completed.

I got there at 11, and waited for two hours... in a cold boring room with a bunch of irate people. We were stuck watching CNN for two hours, and I hate CNN more than I hate most of the other news stations out there. I finally got called back, and felt like I was a criminal.

I had to hand over my purse, wash my hands under scrutiny, use the restroom, not flush, wash my hands under more scrutiny, and sign the sample vials... I know people out there cheat the system, but it doesn't make me feel less defensive.

I finally left the place a little after 1, and made the call to the law school. I was so uneasy about it, but it ended up being okay. The lady asked me if she could counter offer, and I said that was fine - but I don't expect that they'll be able to match the salary since they told me I'd maxed out the positions pay grade when they made the initial offer. She hasn't called back, so I think that it's all over with them now.

From there, I've spent the rest of the day resting and making phone calls. For some reason I've had a nasty headache for the last couple of days that I can't seem to shake. I hope that it will be gone by tomorrow because I've got other things to do that are more fun that sitting around on my last few days off nursing a migraine!


  1. Yahoo! When do you start and what will you be doing exactly..I need a recap!

  2. That is a huge pay difference! So glad the tide is turning for you and I know in my heart that teaching for you is not out of the question. God is just saying "Not yet."


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