Thursday, October 23, 2008

30 for Thursday

Today I'm getting ready for small group, and really just enjoying life for what it is... so in honor of that I thought I'd share 30 things that make me happy. They won't be in order, but all of them make me smile.
  1. A God that loves me and is always there to help me along the way.

  2. A wonderful husband that is incredibly sweet, loving, and supportive.

  3. Parents (Mom, Dad & Lynne) who have taught me so many things about life.

  4. 3 sisters (Cathi, Cindy, and Gabby), brother (Josh), and sister-in-law (Susan) who are wonderful and entertaining.

  5. 2 brother-in-laws (Kevin and Robert) that couldn't be better choices for my sisters. Also an almost brother-in-law (Ryan) that fits the same criteria.

  6. Our 5 nieces (Megan, Brittany, Taylor He., Taylor Ha., and Brooklyn) that amaze me everyday and are also incredibly entertaining.

  7. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins that always make life interesting.

  8. Friends that are like sisters/brothers to me in every way... I have some of the most incredible people around me! (umm there are too many to list, but if you're reading this - you probably are on my list!)

  9. My friends' children - I enjoy so many of them!

  10. 2 dogs that crack me up every single day.

  11. Being members of a wonderful church & small group... going to Cypress Family Fellowship is truly like going home!

  12. Starbucks non-fat Mocha with no whip - enough said.

  13. The show Worst Week because no matter how bad my day was... the main character in the show's day was worse!

  14. A steady paycheck that allows me the freedom to do so many things that I couldn't without it.

  15. Writing a blog that is a serious creative outlet, but also a place to process the crazy journey that my life can be.

  16. Reading all the blogs of friends, family, and fellow weight loss surgery patients - you all provide me with entertainment and encouragement to keep going everyday!

  17. Searching for and finding new recipes to try out.

  18. Blankets fresh out of the dryer... I never truly appreciated them until I started losing weight!

  19. A good book that catches my attention from the first page.

  20. A good magazine. (Real Simple, Cooking Light, Redbook, and Self are my favorites - but the new Food Network one seems like it could be a good addition!)

  21. Craft Fairs

  22. Leisurely shopping with people I love.

  23. Being able to shop for smaller clothes.

  24. The feeling that I get after a workout is completed - and I've been able to work through the mind games that I play with myself to try to prevent said workout. (Some days are really a struggle!)

  25. Massages, Manicures, Pedicures, and Facials... I love to be pampered!

  26. Curling up and watching a good movie

  27. Girls Night Out

  28. The holidays

  29. The hope of becoming a mother someday... (pray that 2009 is our year!)

  30. Scrapbooking

It is entirely possible that I missed some things, but today - the thought of these 30 things make me smile.

What makes you smile? Post a similar list and leave a comment so that I can see your list too!


  1. I thought of a 31st thing that makes me happy...

    Cheese that is just a second shy of being burnt - either from the microwave or the oven!

    I know - that one is weird, but I was eating my lunch and it came up!

  2. So many happy thoughts!We love that worst week show too...its just so uncomfortable!!! :)

  3. i second said sentiments!

  4. I love burnt cheese too! Well, you said just SHY of burnt, but I like it actually crispy and crunchy! :) mmmm.

    Blankets out of the dryer? Yeah, that's a good one too!!


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