Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Growth Group

Well, we are in full swing getting ready for tomorrow night - we'll be serving dinner for our group members, getting to know each other - and starting what will hopefully become a meaningful Bible study for all of us.

I have been working on getting the house picked up for the meeting, and am getting quickly to the point of not caring anymore - because I'm exhausted from work. I think that by the time the meeting starts - we'll be doing well enough... and who cares if the house is a little messy if it smelled like lasagna, right?!

John has been working hard on planning our icebreakers and getting supplies ready for the actual meeting - we've set up a private blog for our group members so that I can post announcements and prayer requests... I'll be sending the invitations to our group peeps sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, we did some searches online for different ice breakers - and came across this list of things not to do... honestly - these are just plain wrong, but funny anyway... so I thought I'd share a little humor with you on this Wednesday evening.

The Top 10 Worst Small Group Icebreakers

10. Share the worst sin you’ve ever committed.

9. If you were God, who would you punish first?

8. Which person in this group do you think needs to find Jesus the most?

7. Which people at your church do you wish would find a different church, and why?

6. If you could erase any verse out of the Bible, which one would it be?

5. Share the juiciest piece of gossip you know so we can pray about it.

4. If you could have anything from your neighbor’s house, what would it be?

3. What’s your favorite of The 10 Commandments to break?

2. If you could change anything about your spouse, what would it be?

1. If you could commit any sin and get away with it, what would it be?

As you can tell - they obviously go against everything that small groups are about, but man did I laugh when I read it. We'll be using some ideas found from the same website, but are the top 10 things that you SHOULD do.

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  1. Kim,

    I had to send those icebreakers to my parents who lead small group studies all the time... Number 5 is my fav! :)


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