Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Suburb VS City

Every morning I am struck with how different life is between the area that I live and the area that I work. On just about every level the two places are different, and there are only 25 miles between the two.

Technically, they are part of the same city - because we'd all say that we live in Houston if asked by someone that isn't familiar with the area... but that is where our similarities take a drastic turn.

I'm struck every morning at the number of people out and moving in our suburb of the city. We leave the house at 6:00 in the morning to get to work by 7. (okay 7:15 in my case!) The traffic on the road at that time is mind boggling! But when we arrive at John's office - it's like this side of town is still sleeping.

You rarely see people in our area out walking their dogs or running... I see that a lot in the evenings, but not so much in the morning. You'd have to get up at 4 to get that done and get to work on time!

Over by my office though - it's such a different story... it looks like people are just barely waking up and starting their day with a workout or walking their dog. In some cases they even do their workout run to the local Starbucks and pick up their morning java before going home to get ready for the daily grind.

I guess priorities are different - when you live close to your job, you are probably much more flexible with the timing... I live an hour away from work - so for me - it's all about getting in, getting my work done, and getting home. Especially now that I have other priorities like small group meetings, workouts, and general relaxation that have to be completed when I get home.

Even within my own office - my boss for instance doesn't even get out of bed in the morning until 7:30! By the time she wakes up - I've been up for two and a half hours, and at work for 30 minutes! Talk about a different lifestyle...

There are other differences as well - politically, environmentally, socially.... we're vastly different.

I guess for the first time in my life - I feel like I'm the abnormal one... and it's a product of being in this area at my specific job. I've always considered myself extremely (boring) normal... I am married, want to start a family, am close with my extended family, spiritual, and I graduated from college - in most of my circles everyone else has done the same things and have the same values. It's just in my current work environment - I don't have anyone that is even remotely similar... I'm sure this is another learning moment that God has placed me in, but where do I start?!


  1. In college, one of our political science faculty was an expert on suburban living and then "new urbanism" and the values each type of living fosters. You're right... the urban/suburban divide is a totally different way of life! I think I'd be happy living in a city, but I think Lee's definitely better-suited for the suburbs... he avoids people whenever possible!

  2. Lee and I would get along great! I am good with people if I get to know them, but with the general public - FORGET IT! I really like having my own space to call home, and not having to share that with anyone...

  3. I love the city! If it were safer, I would live there instead of the suburbs :)


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