Monday, October 20, 2008

It's a Monday

It's interesting to me how blindly people will follow what they are told by the mainstream media. I don't know how normal John and I are, but we've been following financial rules set out by Dave Ramsey in his Financial Peace University course for about two years now.

That being said - we budget every dollar we make, save for big purchases, work toward paying off our debt... and really are doing MUCH better than we used to be doing. Christmas is not a problem for us because we've been putting money aside for the holidays all year long. We don't have to stress because we will only spend the cash that we've saved - and make it work for all the people on our list.

So being of the mindset that I am - it is absolutely infuriating to me to turn on the news in the morning or evening and hear the media sending panic into the living rooms of the majority of America. I don't buy into this "Economic Crisis" business one bit - which might not be the popular opinion out there, but it's my own... and this is my blog. (KThanksBye)

It is only natural in a free market economy that we have ups and downs... there is no need to panic because the stock market is going to return to it's original status, and if we use history as our guide - next year it will be roughly 30% higher than it was before the dip in the market.

Anyway, I'm getting off my soapbox - but seriously between all the election commercials and the moaning about the economy... I just don't even care about turning the television on to find out if I'm going to be stuck in extra traffic in the mornings!

I had a very good workout today - 375 calories burned in 45 minutes on the treadmill. If I could get my shin splints to go away - things would be going really well... but of all the muscles being used to walk on the treadmill... my shins are the only things giving me fits.

Our small group situation has changed again - we had two couples sign up to be in our group - so we might be small, but we'll have a great time together. Our first meeting will be this Thursday, and will mainly consist of getting to know each other - then we'll start our Bible study next week.

I'm going to go spend my last few minutes before bed playing with my dog and relaxing - so I hope you all have a wonderful night too!


  1. I think as far the economic crisis is concerned, there very much is one for a certain percentage of the people in America. Sadly, there are folks who live paycheck to paycheck who don't have the resources to change their situation or to get money into savings. There are also so many elderly people on fixed incomes, so for these two brands of folks, a drastic increase in gasoline, in groceries (due to the cost of gasoline), in heating can definitely place some in crisis. Businesses aren't doing well and layoffs are happening. So many are just one paycheck away from losing it all.
    I remember when I lost my job of 12 years and we took a huge hit in our budget. Then to add insult to injury, a month after my layoff, 9/11 happened and the job market sucked.

    There are just sometimes these crazy, unfortunate circumstances that cause people to lose everything. I have had moments of feeling extremely guilty when so many are struggling and we are, at least for now, financially secure. I just think we are very blessed and pray it stays that way.

    Just another point of view! :)

  2. I just want to say that I didn't say that I'm not sympathetic to those that are truly struggling... my point mainly was that I'm sick to death of hearing financially stable people sit around and moan about it.

    Not to mention I just went through being laid off - and yes that is a problem...but I'm also in a place where I'm much more aware of those possibilities and can plan for them to a certain extent.

    Not everyone can do that, BUT I do think that it's our responsibility to try to teach people to live within their means in order to be able to save and plan for their own futures.

    Some of my friends are able to achieve these things on a single salary (one is a teacher, and one I think makes less than that) and they make it work for families with children.

    So I'm not saying that there aren't people struggling out there... I know that there are, but my ultimate point is that I'm sick of the media making it worse! If they weren't telling people to panic - we'd all be feeling less anxious and would go on about our daily lives.

    I also know a family that is truly having a hard time - they were hit hard by Hurricane Ike - the husband was laid off a year ago - but you'd never know it... he can't find another job right now, but he's delivering pizza and doing whatever other odd jobs he needs to in order to pay the bills. Our church has taken up an offering to help them... so believe me - I'm all about helping our fellow citizens.

    I was laid off twice in times that weren't times of "economic crisis" and it's not any less stressful.

    I just wish the media and all the celebrities of the world would keep their mouths shut!

  3. Hey,

    This is OT, but I just wanted to say 'thanks' for leaving me a comment on my new blog yesterday. :)



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