Sunday, October 19, 2008

October Birthday Extravaganza

After another day of birthday fun (unfortunately no pictures today), I find myself exhausted and not really ready to write much tonight. So - I'll share my day yesterday via pictures.

My two older sisters chatting with our Dad.

My niece, Brittany, who turned 11. She's a mighty crafty girl - she loves any sort of arts & crafts project!

My niece Megan holding my little sister, Gabby who just turned 5. She's quite the little Diva, her favorite gift was her new princess high heels - hands down.

This is the younger of my two nieces named Taylor who just turned 6. She's two months younger than the other Taylor. She's a perfect little doll who also loves a good craft project, and anything that comes in the American Girl doll collection.

My Dad, with my brother-in-law (Robert) hanging out with my little brother, Josh who just turned 6 as well. He's ALL boy - enjoying all things Star Wars, Ben-10, and several other things that I don't even understand.

My step-mother, Lynne who celebrated a birthday as well. I won't give you the age, because I don't know if she'd appreciate it... but let me just tell you she looks fantastic for her age!

This is my eldest niece, Megan, who is 12 going on 18 - she's a wonderful volleyball player... and she is just about taller than everyone in the family other than her Dad.

Joshy is enjoying his new toys in this picture - looking cuter than ever!

All of the 6 birthday peeps - the final addition is my brother-in-law, Kevin who is a wonderful father... and an avid hunter. My Dad is holding Gabby up because she's not quite tall enough on her own.

Here they all take the opportunity to blow out their candle from the collective birthday cake. My Dad had to help Gabby because she couldn't reach.

That is a pictorial view of my day yesterday, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


  1. What a fun birthday celebration! Great pictures!

  2. Great photos! I never realized you had so many siblings!!


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