Saturday, October 18, 2008


You guys, I just got in from the big family birthday party with 6 guests of honor. Out of our family of 13 - 6 have birthdays in October! We had a great time, and as always it was certainly an adventure... but it's always fun to hang out with everyone and see all the kids.

I've got a ton of pictures to share with you guys, but not tonight. I've got more opportunities for pictures tomorrow - so I thought I'd just wait. Besides that - I'm exhausted and ready for bed... so I'm popping by to tell you that I'm hanging in there... but am not long for the rest of the day... I feel that as soon as my head hits to pillow - I'm out! (unless it's freezing - then I'll go through my 10 minutes of shivering and trying to warm up my side of the bed!)

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