Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Award

The other Kim gave me a lovely award which is so nice! I am thrilled to get bloggy awards from time to time... before I get down to following the procedure for the award... I want to note an update to my "Worst Sister in the World" post. I called Gabby this morning, and in about 5 seconds I talked to her and she was off to play some more - so I feel sure that the therapy bills will not be a problem for me in the future. As John told me - at 5 years old - she only cares if you get her a gift and sing to her... so Gabby - a nice gift is coming your way at our family party next week!

The Kreative Blogger Award requires that you list 6 things that make you happy and pass it on to 6 other bloggers.

So, for me:
1. My wonderful husband of almost 7 years - who is my rock and my strength.
2. My family - who I love dearly.
3. My incredible friends - both actual and virtual.
4. My dogs - who always provide me with laughter and comfort.
5. My healthier body - which can do more now than I ever imagined... if I just push it.
6. A good book/magazine and a warm spot to just sit and retreat from the daily grind.

I award this to the following bloggers:

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