Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a Day

I am 100% exhausted tonight as I sit down for the first time today. I left the house this morning at about 7:20, and didn't get home until around 5:30... it has certainly been a full day!

I started out taking pictures of our church service project today - our plan initially was to pick up hurricane debris in the area, but the city got to it just before we did. So instead, we went to the YMCA where we have services on Sunday - and handed out free water with an invitation to join us in the morning to all the folks there for soccer games.

We handed out 1,000 bottles of water today - but even more than that - we had a great time and shared our love for our community. I got lots of pictures of the day, and enjoyed spending time with the other members of our church family. I left there just after lunch, and headed on with the rest of my stops...

From there - I headed over to my new favorite place to shop - DressBarn... I love that store! The name is not the greatest, but the clothes are right up my alley! I promised a co-worker that I'd get some jeans this weekend because she said that I'm making her look bad because I don't dress casually everyday. I needed the jeans anyway because I'll be needing them in a couple of weeks when it starts getting cooler outside.

I then popped into Famous Footware because I needed some new walking shoes for the treadmill - I think the last time I bought tennis shoes was like 2 years ago - so it was time! Hopefully this will help keep me from getting sore feet with all the walking.

I got my nails done next - which I hadn't done since before I started working - and MAN they looked horrible!

I ran into PetsMart for some dog toys - well, because Mama got a full paycheck this week - and everyone in the Hawkins household has gotten a surprise this weekend!

My final stop for the day was Wal-Mart for some multi-purpose shopping... I needed groceries, vitamins, and birthday presents for the big extravaganza next weekend. Next Saturday we'll be celebrating the birthdays of - my little brother, Josh - my little sister, Gabby - my niece, Brittany - my niece, Taylor (I have two nieces named Taylor) - my step-mother, Lynne - my brother-in-law, Kevin, and finally my father-in-law, Jimmy! I can't handle any other birthdays in October! We will certainly be planning our family around NOT having a baby in the month of October...

So, here it is 7:00 on a Saturday and I'm ready for bed... I'm still nursing this sinus infection stuff - so I feel justified in going to bed early!


  1. you'll appreciate planning on not having a baby in october...believe me!!! being in your last trimester in the heat of the summer is pretty rough :)

  2. That sounds like a wonderful day! Let's trade places for a weekend :)

  3. I am almost tired just for reading all of that!

  4. You wanna trade? I'll do your party and you can do mine on Saturday! Yours sounds like much more fun and my family would not be involved!


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