Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm pretty emotionally and physically drained today, so I'm just going to give you a small snippet of what's going on in my head tonight.

You guys, I have the most amazing husband. Today he has really rolled with the punches and I love him so much for that.... lets see... last night I completely forgot to set our alarm - so we woke up an hour late this morning.

Somehow we made it into the car within 20 minutes, and were off to work...

This evening, I had a minor breakdown about some drama from the office - he hung in there with my crying mess of a self, and helped give me some suggested solutions to fix the problem.

In the course of this insane day - I forgot to pull out dinner, so he ordered us take out and went into the restaurant to get it for us...

It's the simple things, people. I've never found my husband more cute than the other night when he fixed me a glass of tea (just how I like it - with 2 splenda packets) without me even asking.

I told him that was the most attractive thing he's done in the last week, and he thought it was funny. I'm so not kidding - send me roses, buy me gifts... yes those are great, but help me around the house without asking... and that's better than all the roses in Texas!

I love you Honey - thanks for rolling with the punches today.


  1. John's a good man...I hope everything is ok! Call me if you need an ear :)

  2. aww, that's so sweet! Two-splenda sweet! :)

  3. Awwww...He's such a teddy bear!


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