Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Work That Body

Last night started my newest workout regimen, and you guys - I really liked it. Could it be the treadmill rocked, possibly? What's not to love... preprogramed workout, fan, speakers that hook directly into my Ipod - I'm thinking that if there was a perfect workout machine... this might be it!

The preprogramed workout was good - I was able to keep up, and I ran through it twice. It's a 20 minute routine that changes either the speed or incline every minute... so for part of the time you're walking faster and other portions of the time you're walking slower but uphill.

I definitely felt the burn, and felt some gunk that had built up in my lungs being released (was that to graphic?)... but overall it felt great!

I was equally amazed at the amount of stuff I got done last night - we got home at 5, I worked out until shortly after 6... cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry... and was done with everything by 7:30!

I'm actually looking forward to getting home and getting back on the machine... I think tonight I'm going to do my own thing with it - and not do the preset workout - I think that I can do it, but we'll see if I burn more or less calories along the way.

I am working really hard this week - so hopefully we'll see some movement at my weekly weigh in, but then again - you never know. Eventually it has to start coming down though!!


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