Thursday, November 27, 2008

Almost Wordless

I'm so tired, and happy today - I thought that I'd put up some pictures from our day.

The Hawkins women

Brooklyn had a small leakage problem on her Daddy's lap

The desserts - a WLS patient's nightmare, but I managed to make it through the day without dumping!

This is the food table... okay - yes there is a turkey, ham, and a chicken... and only 6 adults, 1 child, and a toddler...

Carving the turkey...

Putting the finishing touch on the Christmas tree

My hot husband... :-)

Doing a little singing and dancing

Playing horse with Ryan

Taylor making Mrs. Santa Claus' Christmas cookies... it's a recipe from one of her Christmas books. (She wanted to make sure that I told you it was Mrs. Claus' recipe)

Brooklyn playing in the "kitchen" (it's really a closet) and enjoying the day
Tomorrow we're off to my sister's house... so expect some more pictures from that.