Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Times

Today has been fabulous, and very busy. We went to my sister's in Brenham, and had a great day of football, food, Christmas list writing - editing - and critiquing... and then more eating. We got home shortly after 9, and have more company coming by in the morning... so I've got some cleaning to get done before bed. So I'm stopping by to say "Hi" to all my readers (yes all three of you) tonight, and I promise to give you some more to read a little later in the weekend.

I hope that your holiday weekend has gone well, and if you went out to brave the shopping - that you were successful. I did not brave the stores this morning - or at any other point in the day today, but I am excited about finding some deals via internet shopping later on in the weekend. Bring it on... free shipping... sales... I'm ready!


  1. I always attempt to shop on black friday, but then when i get out to the stores,I'm completely overwhelmed by the crowds and I don't get anything done. :)

  2. I did brave it but only to pick up cat food and groceries! But that meant Walmart! By the time I went though, it was pushing 5:00 and really not busy at all. I think the die hards are out early and finished early!
    Have fun today!


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