Monday, November 24, 2008

Interesting Place

Today, we're having our office Thanksgiving pot luck luncheon... in the past I've been in offices where everyone is very similar to me, and that meant that I saw all the things I typically see at my family's Thanksgiving meal on the buffet table.

This year - I work in a VERY multi-cultural environment, and some of the items on the buffet are unique. Please don't take this as me complaining - not at all - I think it's very cool... and an interesting way that all of our cultures can blend into one.

I just went through the line, and can I just say that first of all - it's always fun to see the executive team in chef shirts going the extra mile for their employees. The second thing I noticed in the room were all the different cultures represented in the food... we had bar-b-que, Korean bar-b-que pork, fried rice, tamales, charro beans, and I haven't even looked at the dessert table yet! I'm planning on going back in an hour or so to see if there is anything I can have... I might only be able to eat the dessert I brought that is sugar-free, but even with that - I'll be happy! (When you've got diet restrictions - I've found it best to make things that you can eat, and then be cautious about the rest)

Overall, it's been a very pleasant experience, and it's always fun to see what everyone else brings! Provided that they make something and don't just pick it up from the grocery store... I once had a boss that told everyone that they weren't allowed to bring anything that wasn't homemade... HA!

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