Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Luncheon Update

Well, I went back... I thought I made wise choices, but somewhere along the way - I got a little too much sugar. My goodness ya'll - I've found a new way that I could use toothpicks... can I stand them on end and try to keep my eyes open?! My goodness - I've never in my life fought this hard to stay awake...

I'm slightly dizzy too - so I'm sure it's some form of dumping syndrome... and I've always heard that the best treatment is to eat something with protein... but I honestly can't eat another thing right now... so I guess I sit here in my cube and suffer. ARG! That's the last time I eat dessert at a pot-luck... even things that look healthy can contain hidden triggers that set off the most well intended buffet guests.

*** Updated - here I sit one hour later and my GOODNESS!! I can't even get my brain to connect with my hands enough to type correctly. Thank God for spell check! I'm working on drinking lots of water to flush my system... but GEEZ! I wonder if I accidentally got a hold of something spiked with alcohol at this point... but probably not. ARG!

Did I mention that I'll never eat a buffet dessert again?! Doesn't that sort of sound like someone after experiencing their first hangover? HA!


  1. You may have done what I did and thought I was eating something safe that was secretly laced with sugar alcohols. They are killers I tell ya!
    Hope you are feeling better by now~!

  2. omigosh, Kim, that doesn't sound like fun at ALL! But hey, I'd take brain freeze or whatever over some of the other symptoms I've heard about when folks accidentally eat sugar, if you know what I mean! :)


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