Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Music Monday - Late Again

I guess that things are getting out of hand for me if I can't even make my own series work on the day that it's intended... but can I get some sympathy because family drama pretty much wiped out my day yesterday. On top of that - I pretty much had a serious sugar attack... which I got teased about at work today.

So in light of all of that - this song just makes me happy... and actually you're getting a bonus video - because it was so dang cute!

I'm very sorry to Shirley Temple who really performed the song well... and also for the rudeness at the end of the video... but can I just tell you guys that the dog in the video made me laugh out loud and I really needed that today!

This little girl is so freaking cute that I just had to give you a bonus video... click here because it won't let me have the code to post it.

I don't know what it is about this song, but it has always made me smile... which brightens my day on so many levels. In all honesty, I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by the holidays and the amount of shopping and stuff I've got to get done in a very limited time frame.

It truly snuck up on me this year, which is sad to say because it's not like I didn't know it was coming... or like I haven't known for a while that we'll be traveling this year - it's just that it feels wrong to me to start planning for Christmas in October. Maybe next year we'll start decorating then, like the stores... and we'll be plenty prepared when December rolls around.

There are people on our street that have had their outside decorations out for like 2 1/2 weeks!! Honestly... isn't that a bit early? I'll bet they aren't feeling the stress that I am though.

The ladies at my office have now gotten to know me a bit, and apparently they find me very funny. They've coined the phrase "Kimisms" around the office. One of their favorites is when they are on deadline or say a project changes at the last minute and we all have to scramble... and maybe they come to me to complain or something - and I'll just look at them very seriously and say "Love that!" or "That's my FAVORITE!"... somehow that cracks them up.

At lunch today - which they thought it was hilariously funny that I only ordered water... but hey - I'd already eaten the soup I brought with me at the office.... so I was full. But while we were there - we were talking about the holidays, and I told them about lobbying for John to hire someone to put up our lights... because really - wouldn't that be as cool for him as getting a cleaning-lady is for me?! Then I took it a step further and said that I'd love to hire someone to come fluff our fake Christmas tree... they just rolled over that one... does anyone out there feel my pain though?!

With only two weekends really to shop... and parties galore... when am I going to decorate? When am I going to find time to get gifts for everyone? When am I going to write my now famous Hawkins Family Christmas Newsletter? (Shout out to Tess!!) When am I going to find a dress for my grandmother's birthday party? (Don't get me started about wrapping said gifts... or actually ENJOYING the season!)

Ok, well - I'm going to curl up in the fetal position now and lull myself to sleep...


  1. Chillax!!

    I haven't shopped yet either...it will all be ok...and Christmas is about so much more than buying crap and getting shnazzed up for pictures! (even though it is fun to give presents) :)

    it'll all be ok, try to enjoy it!

  2. Oh girl,
    You sound like the story of my life. Wait till the kiddos come along. But hey, I would rather have my hands full any day than empty. I really miss you guys. Oh I forgot to mention that I am not going to be able start my Christmas shopping until I come back from my anniversary vacation at the beginning of December, and we have a butt load of people in our family. I feel your pain.


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