Monday, November 3, 2008

Music Monday

You guys, I really had such plans for this new theme for Mondays here on Thoughts by Kim... but illness has really worked against me on this one.

My plan is to put up a video or audio version of a song that I'm listening to right now - be it through my iPod working out, the radio in the car, or our worship team's set list of the week. Just one song per week that I either find meaningful or just plain entertaining... as sometimes I get the most humor from the old songs that I love from my past.

The idea being that whatever song I choose for the week will come with a story from my past, or an application to my life now... depending on what the song is that I chose to use. If everyone likes this idea - I might put a link list up for others to link to their own musical posts too. (I thought that too ambitious for this first post.)

Our worship team at church is planning to play the particular song that I chose for this week at the end of the month... so naturally while John is learning to play/sing it - I've had the opportunity to listen to it... well more than a few times.

The words of this song are so relevant to where I am right now, and I find such hope and love in the message. Take a listen for yourself... Carry Me Through by Dave Barnes:

(Thanks to my wonderful husband for making the audio player for me - and the graphic that will be revealed in the near future)

This song just reminds me how God is going to meet me where "the mountain" beats me... and he'll carry me through whatever battle I'm facing. What a beautiful message... and something that I need to always remember when I'm dealing with the day to day challenges of trying to lose weight... or any other struggle in life.

One of the hardest things that we face as humans and as Christians is the balance between our timing for things versus God's timing - maybe not for all of us, but it is something that I honestly struggle with more than anything else in my spiritual life. I try my best to be mindful of this fact, but it is not always easy.

I know that the wait is well worth it, and in most cases the rewards are far greater when you've had to work for it... but sometimes it's hard for me to remember that during the hard part of the struggle.

So, whenever I get down about where I am in a particular season of my life - be it with the weight loss or with infertility... I vow to listen to this song, and remember that God will meet me and carry me through.


  1. Hi! I hope you're feeling better and that your sinus infection is on its way out! Those are the worst! I'm enjoying reading older posts and getting to know you through your blog!

  2. Love the song! Have never heard it before and the harmonies are gorgeous! The lyrics? So true!

  3. to answer your question about the MSC, yes, it is being redone, but my understanding is it is going in phases...I'll check with brad..:)


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