Monday, November 3, 2008

In 2008?

In light of my illness - my boss told me to go home around noon today to take care of myself. She told me not to come back until I'm well, but I won't be taking her up on that offer because I'd just have that much more to do when I got better... but at least it is good to see that they're human around the office. (Even if they are all politically challenged)

So anyway - the point of this post...

John picked me up around 12:30 and we ran a couple of errands on the way home... nothing spectacular, but one of them happened to be that we needed gas. Well, while we were driving - I noticed a sign for a new grocery store with a gas station... and they were selling it for $1.89 a gallon. So we naturally stopped there.

We couldn't get into the gas station without going through the grocery store parking lot - and when we got close there were like 30 people standing around the pumps, and we couldn't tell if they were open yet. We were sitting there trying to decide, and they noticed us... and literally all 30 of them waved at us to come in and get our gas.

We pulled up to the pump, and a guy offered us some water or a coke - then started to help John pump the gas... it was their first day open, and apparently they were going for stellar customer service? It was hysterical to me - because John was out there pumping the gas and there must have been like 10 employees standing around him the whole time.

Our gas was so cheap that he ended up buying a car wash too - which had a similar experience to the gas station itself.... we pulled up in line and a manager was giving away free car wash coupons (which we saved for our next trip)... and there were 5 guys standing around watching the car wash too.

It was surreal - as we were driving into the car wash - I told John I didn't know if I was supposed to wave like we were in a parade or if I was just supposed to ignore them.

I can't make this stuff up - so I had to share!


  1. Too bad not everyone offers such amazing customer service these days as it more often hard to find! I am envious of the cheap gas! I hope John filled the tank!

  2. Wow, talk about service!

  3. How funny! I wish they had cheap gas like that up here :)


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