Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pause in Programing

We interrupt all the bloggy goodness with a massive sinus infection. As usual - I thought it was just allergies, but as yesterday turned into this morning... and this morning into this evening - nothing is helping... and the pressure is continuing to build.

So I'm contemplating going to bed at 8 - if I can make it until then. I'm absolutely headed in to soak in a "detoxifying" bath for a little bit... I put that in quotes because so far - it hasn't helped me.

Friends tell me that when they've used the bath soak - their water turned brown indicating that it removed things from their system... me... no change in the color of the water - and I refuse to believe that I'm completely pure. (I wish that were the case!)

I have something new planned for tomorrow - so hopefully I'll feel well enough to fully give you the planned fun. (If not - forgive me, but just know that it'll get better in the coming weeks.)


  1. Hope you wake in the morning feeling better! Sucks to be sick!

  2. Mucinex, my friend. It's not a cure all, but it does help relieve a lot of that sinus pressure so that you don't feel like your head is going to roll off your neck.


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