Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Open Letter - Yogurt Thief

Because I can't tell the person directly responsible for the following... I'll just share it with the world wide web.

Dear Yogurt Thief:

Yeah, you... you know who you are. You're the person that took a yogurt from the common area refrigerator in the office that didn't belong to you. Was it a simple mistake? Maybe. If so, maybe you'll feel bad and replace it tomorrow - but I don't really hang any hopes on that happening.

I know that it seems like there is so much food in that white magic box of food that no one would miss one little yogurt... unless said person is on a very carefully managed diet routine that involves ingesting protein at regular intervals during the entire course of the day....

Thank goodness I haven't been eating any meals during the day this week, or someone seriously might have paid the price for your mistake by dealing with a very grumpy lady at some point over the last couple of days.

I just wonder if you needed the food more than me... because in that case - I would have been happy to help you, and would make other arrangements for my own nourishment... but if you were just being mean... then shame on you!

Either way, I hope it was a delicious snack for you.

Lacking in Protein Intake


  1. You crack me up! I've had that happen before annoying!


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