Thursday, November 6, 2008

Almost Wordless

Our small group met again tonight, and had a really good lesson! I will have to process it a little more to get any good thoughts down about it, but our group is also just fun... we enjoy each other and spend a good amount of time laughing.

I can't even tell you how great John is doing as our leader, and I'm so proud of him. It's been such a different process for me - because typically I'm not much into opening my home, but on a week night... forgetaboudid... never would have happened a year ago.

Some nights I don't feel like I've got enough energy now to do it all, but if I think back to where I was then... I would have spent the entire time on antibiotics because when Kim gets exhausted - she gets sick.

I've got the immune system of someone that has been chewed up and spit back out... I mean literally - if you look at me wrong - I just might get sick... if there is one person out of the group to get some random critter to infect them... it's typically me. In spite of all that though, this year has been better. I haven't gotten my flu shot yet, but even with feeling crummy this week - I'm light years better than in years past.

ANYWAY - I need to get myself to bed - so that I don't wake up feeling like a truck ran over me.

Check in tomorrow - I had planned on writing another open letter tonight... but I'll try to get it posted in the morning. My pillow is just calling me very loudly at the moment... speaking of that - there is a group on Facebook called 'I flip my pillow over to get the cold side' or something like that - I have a friend that joined it!! (shout out Danielle W.) Too funny!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! The funniest part is that if you go read what people have written on that page, it's even funnier. I just love how one guy put that he puts frozen peas in his pillow to keep it cold, and then the next guy said he uses frozen fava beans! LOL. It's simple humor that makes me laugh after working all day and doing grad school all evening. I wish I had a life:-)

  2. haha... I flip my pillow too!! :)


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