Friday, November 7, 2008

Inspired or Not

For some reason, I've gotten a bug that gives me bazillions of ideas for posts - but NO time to complete the writing process... so I'm promising you guys some bloggy fun - just as soon as I can get more than 5 seconds in front of my computer... at the same time as an idea pops into my head. (that's the real challenge)

Right now I'm at my desk in the office feeling completely uninspired to do any work - something about Friday afternoons and my brain shutting off completely. On top of that - I've got some stomach cramps that could rival any pain that I've ever felt in my lifetime.

You know the kind, where you're doubled over in pain... then it subsides for a few minutes... then you're on the floor in the fetal position... break... repeat... break... repeat. Every time I'm on the peak of one of the moments of pain - every hair on my body stands on end... as if to remind me that there is a a brutal pain situation going on. (Yeah, I get it... thanks for reminding me... in the event that I could forget that I'm laying on the floor of my cubicle!)

Okay, really - I haven't gotten to the point of laying on the floor yet... BUT the thought has crossed my mind. The other thought bouncing around in the old noggin right now is that if I had a big butcher's knife... I could solve two problems at once... cut out the pain, and lose a few (or 94) more pounds! Oh the horror...

Speaking of that - I know that my friend Renee is going to kill me... she is such a light in my life ya'll... (I know I didn't put the apostrophe in the appropriate place, but I've been doing it that way for 30 years... and well you know what they say about old dogs.) Back to original point... Renee is such a gift you guys, everytime I start getting down about my weight loss... she is so quick to remind me how far I've come in the journey.

For some reason I'm so overwhelmed by the 94 pounds I still have to lose - that I can't even celebrate the 84 that I've lost already. I was telling her about a doctor that I want to go see - I'll explain more about that in another post - that might have some answers as to why my body is going slower in this process than my other "Shrinking Lady" friends. Renee is so sweet - her first reaction is "Hellew - you've lost 80!" I know that she's right, but I just can't mentally get there.

It has literally taken me an hour to get this short post written because of the crazy pain situation... I think I am going to literally curl up in the fetal position on the floor under my desk. (Hold my calls... or forward them under the desk!)