Saturday, November 8, 2008

Open Letter - Popcorn Burner

I meant to write this one a couple days ago, but well - time gets away from me on Thursdays & Fridays.

Dear Popcorn Burner:

First of all, let me applaud you for trying to find a healthier snack for your afternoon munchies... provided that it's not kettle corn or a little bit of corn in a big bag full of butter... ANYWAY... Seriously, I get it - you need to eat in the afternoon.

I have to eat 6 times a day, but here's where our alliance ends... because I strive to not disturb people while they are trying to work with the stench of my food. I actually consciously think about that when I make my many meal selections for the office.

You, my friend, made a choice that I'd never make because even if executed properly - it still smells up the building for hours... but when you're too busy to watch the popcorn while it's in the microwave... and you burn it - we all appreciate that smell for a LONG time.

It starts by everyone walking around asking if one of our machines is burning... but then it gets more intense and everyone realizes that it's in fact a microwave popcorn attempt gone wrong...

Thanks so much for making our Thursday afternoon so pleasing to our olfactory systems for the rest of the day.

The girl with the sensitive nose

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  1. oh my... I can't tell you how much of an issue this is in our house! I LOVE the taste of slightly-burnt popcorn. Not like charred popcorn, but when the kernels have just turned from yellow to black? Mmmm.

    Problem is, it's hard to know precisely when to stop the microwave. And our house has borne the stench of charred popcorn a few too many times. Lee has made it perfectly clear: I must stop this nonsense. :)


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